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We are in the top 1% of websites worldwide for handicap accessibility, security and speed.

This site was designed to be lean and clean, fast and efficient. We’ve hand-coded this site from the ground up with the following in order of precedence:

  • Security – The security of our visitors is most important and we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure you can relax here safely and securely. Thank you Sucuri. To see how other sites compare, please use the free Sucuri Site Check – Free Website Security Check & Malware Scanner. We have no additional security measures to implement and received the following message from Sucuri: No security recommendations detected. Everything looks good.
  • Accessibility – This site is designed for all, sighted, partially blind, totally blind, deaf, and visitors with motor coordination challenges. Thank you UserWay. According to WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool, we are error-free which is a rarity, but should be the standard as those with disabilities should be able to enjoy sites just like everyone else. We received the following message from WAVE: Congratulations! No errors were detected!
  • Lightning SpeedWe’re not in the top 1% by chance. Thank you BigAbs.
    Although we are not faster than a speeding bullet, we are in fact faster than Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and any other major site. Go ahead and Google, I mean DuckDuckGo GTMetrix.
  • Clean – This site is rated G. We are safe to visit and view for readers of all ages. Once again, thank you Sucuri. We have been considered clean and not blacklisted by the following:
    Google Safe Browsing
    Norton Safe Web
    Opera browser
    Sucuri Malware Labs
    SpamHaus DBL
    Yandex (via Sophos)
  • Content – This is the reason you’re visiting. To learn about things from others with different experiences and outlooks. Thank you Larry.
  • Non-distractive – Visitors will not be bothered by useless pop-up advertisements. This site does not allow – nor solicit – any money-generating advertisements whatsoever. Nor, does this site accept donations, public or private. We are fully self-sufficient and self-funded. We here at LawrenceKlepinger are truly for, We The People!