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“Under All is the Land” Owning land is the American Dream, defending it against those who conspire to steal it from you, a nightmare. In a compelling saga about a man who is determined to protect what is rightfully his-at all costs-the uniquely American Spirit of fighting insurmountable odds comes full circle, climaxing in an ending that is totally unpredictable and emerging as what many have called a “modern day classic” in the truest sense of the word. From the action-packed first chapter, you will find yourself engrossed in a tale that will keep you guessing, as to the final outcome, until the very end.

Outlander is a selected book of Poems – with a corresponding number of Musings – on a wide range of subjects. Many writing styles are employed, no subject is taboo – and none are politically correct, in any sense of the word. The poems are hard-hitting, truthful to a fault and unabashedly non-conformist in thought, word or deed, and is guaranteed to provoke serious consideration, in even the most jaded reader of poetry.

China House: An inside look at the New People’s Republic of China and the impending downfall of the current Communist Dynasty. A brutally poignant analysis with all the fawning, mass-media myth-information stripped bare, leaving the reader aghast at the continuing economic rape of the New China under the aegis of Globalization.

Here is an ESL book that concentrates on homonyms and shows students how they must rely on sentence context to comprehend exact word meaning. The book offers word lists, exercises, drills, and worksheets for classroom use or homework.
An easy ESL approach to pure regular verbs.