Hello Friends and Neighbors and welcome to lawrenceklepinger.com !

Many of you already know me, but a lot still do not.

My name is Lawrence Klepinger and this is my new website.

For full disclosure, please click on my Resume Bio or my Extended Bio at the top of this site.

Why another “information” website?

I realize that one person cannot change the world. That lesson took me awhile to learn. But one person can help to change a small part of it, and that is what I am attempting to do with this website.

Our team is going to try and pick out real news items that we think people will be interested in.

We are not going to bore you with what all the other media outlets are cranking out. We will leave that to them. We have a different approach in mind.

In truth, our team got totally fed up with the lack of REAL news emanating from the so-called Mass Media Outlets, so much so, that we decided to launch this site with a totally different
concept in mind.

We are going to try to bring you news that is relevant and useful, without regard for Political Correctness in any way, shape or form.

Granted, we are going to have a Conservative Slant to our political viewpoint – but, we welcome any, and all, points of view, with regard to the Comments Section. I will get to that in a moment.

We are located in Japan and will have a totally different perspective on the news items of the day.

All commentary will be my own. I take full responsibility for everything that I write with regard to my opinions, concepts and ideas.

The articles that are posted as reference, will be cited, to give due credit to the
author/s involved, but I cannot verify them to be 100% accurate or for that matter guarantee their truthfulness – but we will try to make sure they are authentic news articles as best we can.

There is so much intentionally misleading information, passing as news these days, that even I have been fooled at times. I hope to not repeat that mistake again.

This site is devoted to upholding the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. All
concepts, ideas, thoughts, and theories are welcome.

The purpose of this website is to give, We The People, the right to freely express their concepts and ideas on an open forum – regardless of political affiliation, race, religion, creed, color,
gender, or national origin.

Now, as for the rules of the Comments Section:

1. No profanity.

2. Your name, city and country must be included for consideration.

4. You will not be censored for your opinions, whatever they may be, so long as they are
presented in good taste.

5. We ask that your word count not be over 250 words. Any submission beyond the number will not be considered for publication.

One final note regarding the Comment Section.

I will post all comments that follow the above rules, but I will not be able to reply to any specific comments because of the time restraints involved.

However, I will post all comments, regardless of my personal point of view.

If the reader wishes to get into a discussion with other readers, then be my guest, but please try to keep it professional.

DISCLAIMER: My webmaster has told me that the above rules should be complied with, to avoid spam and lower positioning on the Internet. We want to be as close to the top as possible, thus our pre-post editing policy.

Welcome to your home away from home.

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  1. TG Engel

    Larry, it seems you were right all along. I thought it was all a right wing fantasy. The country is coming apart.


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