Lawrence Klepinger Official Photo as Congressional Candidate for Washington State

Hello! My name is Lawrence Klepinger. Please call me Larry.

The year before last in 2019, friends of mine and I got totally annoyed by the way the Mass Media was restricting our Center/Right Political Comments on the Main Media Outlets of the day.

We finally decided to do something about it and started our own Newsletter and Website.

Our main office is located in Kobe 神戸 (in Japanese, God’s door or heaven’s gate) Japan, and is totally financed by our staff. We, for the sake of openness, honesty and integrity, refuse donations or monetary contributions – and accept no advertisement funding whatsoever. In “free websites” that accept advertising, the visitors are the product. We refuse to go along with this.

Since we are located outside the USA, we have a much wider scope with which to view the world.

We intend to have articles relating to not only politics, but also other international items of interest. In addition to that, we will have articles relating to finances and investing ideas, stock picks, and other news headlines as they happen.

We hope that you will like what we have to offer. There is no subscription, no password, no cost whatsoever. It is free for the asking!

Keep thinking Positive!

This is Larry Klepinger saying Sayonara for now from Kobe 神戸 (in Japanese, God’s door or heaven’s gate), Japan!